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A lot of Pain and Suffering could be Reduced with the help of the healing Power that comes with the Application of AMNIOTIC STEM CELL SKIN GRAFTS.

As a Provider, are you Interested in "How to add $1,000,000 to Your Practice?"

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We Are Information Experts on AMNIOTIC STEM CELL SKIN GRAFTS

Amniotic Stem Cell Skin Grafts Design & Development

The industry is truly an Interrupter in the advancement of Wound Care. We are clearly in what you may call Wound Care 2.0 with the solutions available today. Custom sizes are now available. Orders filled with Overnight delivery. Single or Multilayered depending on the application


MidiCare Inspired Marketing Campaigns

Medicare has raised the bar on the Payments to Providers to SAVE MONEY with EARLY TREATMENT to Incentivize Medical Practitioners to Increase their Capacity to see and help more patients to try to get ahead of the Predictable influx of Diabetes Patients needing Wound Care.


Medical Professionals can Receive the Stem Cell grafts overnight, Sumit Electronic Billing the day of Application and Receive Funds in as little as 10 days. No Out of Pocket Expense (Only for dressing supplies) and a 90 day payment for the Graft. Average Medicare net PER TREATMENT is $4,500 + with 10 Required Treatments .




We Help Medical Businesses Grow Within the Medicare Field

Covid 19 has shown some weaknesses to our HealthCare System that Medicare is actively trying to Fix and Repair.

We must get prepared for the aging Population along with the increase in poor health of the younger Generations.

1st Step: Treat Wounds with the latest and best Techniques available

Step 2: Get your Systems updated and compatible with the new Medicare Required Changes to receive the maximum pay for the services you provide

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How to get $1,000,000 to Your Practice.

Example: Treating 25 Wounds smaller than a Walnut per year with Amniotic Stem Cell Grafts


General Amniotic Stem Cell Graft Information


***"The human amniotic membrane grafting is used as an adjunctive procedure across surgical specialties and in translational medicine to cultivate stem cells. It is easily available, and techniques of preparation and storage are relatively inexpensive. Experts use amniotic membrane graft (AMG) in multiple specialties, including Wound Care, ophthalmologists, dentists, urologists, burn specialists, ear, nose, and throat surgeons, gynecologists, and researchers in stem cell technology.

AMG has multiple advantages over other similar materials, including pericardium, fascia, and mucous membranes.

AMG is:

Easily available in large quantities Transparent/semi-transparent Nonimmunogenic Good substrate for epithelial cell growth Cosmetically acceptable AMG provides a smooth surface to cover raw areas.

***General GOOGLE information gathered for you.


***"The Amniotic Stem Cell Grafts are now available for many uses, most notably in the Wound Care and Ophthalmology Field, Amniotic membrane, or amnion, is the innermost layer of the placenta and consists of a thick basement membrane and an avascular stromal matrix. Amniotic membrane transplantation has been used as a graft or as a dressing in different surgical subspecialties. In the field of ophthalmology, it is used broadly 1) to reconstruct the ocular surface after various procedures; 2) as a graft for ocular surface melts; and 3) as a bandage to promote healing in cases of persistent epithelial defects or ocular surface inflammation. All of these indications make use of amniotic membrane's ability to promote healing.


Allogeneic tissue has an implicit risk of infectious disease transmission. In general, amniotic membrane is procured from potential donors undergoing caesarean section who have been screened for communicable diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis. The placenta is cleaned with a mixture of balanced salt solution, penicillin, streptomycin, neomycin, and amphotericin B. The amnion is separated from the chorion by blunt dissection under sterile conditions, attached to nitrocellulose paper strips, and stored in glycerol solution. The tissue is either stored in that solution for fresh use or cryopreserved at a temperature of -80 degrees Celsius. Currently, there are no published reports of communicable disease transmission from AMT. One report exists of a sterile hypopyon after repeated transplantation of human amniotic membrane onto the corneal surface.

"Mechanism of Action"

***"The basement membrane component of amniotic membrane is similar in composition to the conjunctiva. For this reason, current theory suggests that amniotic membrane augments support for epithelial cells, limbal stem cells, and corneal transient amplifying cells. Clonogenicity is maintained which promotes both goblet and non-goblet cell differentiation while excluding inflammatory cells and their protease activities. Furthermore, the stromal face of amniotic membrane suppresses myofibroblast differentiation of normal fibroblasts to reduce scar and vascular formation. This action assists in healing for conjunctival reconstruction, epithelial defects, and stromal ulceration.

Amniotic membranes can be glued or sutured to the surface. The use of fibrin glue has made the use of an amniotic membrane simpler. A bandage contact may be placed on the surface to prevent the slippage of the membrane. The membrane disintegrates partially and is adsorbed on to the surface. It is known to reduce surface scarring, angiogenesis, and surface inflammation."

Let Us Help your Practice Update and Expand with Medicare!!!

What Our Customers Appreciate on Our Compliance Software Side

Best Practices Of Medicare Compliance

We help bring higher Compliance Levels by performing required quality and service measures covering up to 46 touch points, all under the CMS Mandated Standards of Care for traditional Medicare beneficiaries. We also help you to increase compliance levels with your Medicare Advantage and ACO requirements while improving your MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System), HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set), CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems), HOS (Medicare Outcomes Survey) and Star (SMS Star Rating system) Ratings.

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The Hospital REVENUE INCREASE BY 30% by meeting MEDICARE Compliance Standards

Our services will generate a net profit of up to 30% without increasing staff, requiring any training, compliance, certification, or technology integrations. We will help you achieve significant operational and increased profits within 30 days through our electronic and live patient engagement: using our quick launch approach.

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Live Patient Engagement

Our Electronic and Live patient engagement increases attribution to your patients to your practice while determining which patients urgently need to be seen in your office. We can also increase your performance with Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs), Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), and Transitional Care Management (TCM).

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